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Shimco Boosts Manufacturing Capacity with New Mazak Upgrades

As you may have heard, this has been a big year for us at Shimco. We’ve moved into our new facility in Cambridge, Ontario, expanded our business offerings and global footprint, and have been featured in major industry publications. Clearly we’re doing something right – and we’ve decided to continue this trend by incorporating new machinery into our process.

We’ve recently brought online a new Mazak flexible manufacturing system (“FMS”) that is comprised of two horizontal high-speed CNC machines and a pallet changing system. This new system will allow us to run up to 32 jobs with just one operator – cutting costs and saving time for our customers. We’re working on shifting to a lights out manufacturing operation on the FMS through advanced data capture, reporting tools and scheduling, allowing for unmatched productivity.

The new FMS includes our current Mazak HCN 4000 horizontal machining centre, a new, identical Mazak 4000 HCN and the Mazak Palletech system.  Both horizontal machining centres are connected to the Palletech, resulting in a single flexible manufacturing system. The Palletech holds 12 pallets, and each pallet holds either a 2-sided or a 4-sided tombstone. The end result is that we have 32 work surfaces in the FMS, allowing us schedule 32 jobs at once with just one operator.

This is a huge step for us in increasing our efficiency and throughput so that we can take on even more, and higher quantity jobs for our customers. As the demand for new aircraft continues to rise, we aim to meet that demand by improving our processes with new machinery upgrades such as this.

What Bombardier’s Sale to Delta Means for Commercial Aerospace

Bombardier’s new C Series aircraft has found a customer – creating a significant milestone for the company. By ordering 75 CS100 aircraft with the option to buy another 50 later on, Delta has become Bombardier’s biggest customer with the sale valued at about $5.6 billion at published rates.

But this isn’t just an achievement for Bombardier, as the announcement has implications for the entire aerospace industry. This one order establishes the company as a competitive force to be reckoned with. While it doesn’t necessarily threaten the current “duopoly” of Boeing and Airbus yet, it is a step toward leveling the playing field.

As for the aircraft being purchased, the C Series has a number of positive attributes that likely attracted Delta. It is a single-aisle plane fitting into the 100- to 150-seat aircraft market (a new introduction for Bombardier), and uses advanced materials along with a Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G engine to boost fuel efficiency.

Inside the cabin, passengers will find 19-inch-wide seats, ample overhead storage, and an exceptional view, as this model boasts the largest windows in the single-aisle aircraft market. It is also the quietest commercial jet in its class, making it a comfortable experience for those on the ground and in the air.

With the successful launch of this aircraft into the commercial aerospace sector, Bombardier is further positioning itself as a heavy hitter in the industry. We look forward to seeing what else they have in store for the future.

The True Impacts of Lower Gas Prices in Aviation

Recently, fuel prices have dropped, but there seems to be disagreement about how this affects airlines. Fuel prices are often hedged, which means airline companies try to protect their losses by buying fuel at set prices months in advance. The benefit is that if fuel prices rise, they are locked into lower prices. The drawback is that if prices drop, the airlines will lose out on potential savings. With continually dropping fuel prices, travelers are wondering why fares aren’t dropping as well.Airplane_silhouette

It’s rare for a company to lower prices, even if they’re seeing improvements to their bottom line. Instead, companies look for ways to make upgrades that are often long overdue. Many airlines are now able to invest in new planes or remodel existing terminals. Some are even adding more flights. As long as seats are in demand, there’s no reason for the airlines to drop fares. Just last year, air travel demand increased by 9 percent.

In addition to airlines buying newer planes and tackling aging terminals, some are also dealing with higher labor costs. For example, United has to pay their pilots more for the next three years from a contract extension deal. This extension will cost the company an additional 13 percent in pilot wages the first year, 3 percent the second year, and then 2 percent for the following year.

As with any business, airlines that don’t take increased profits for granted will fare the best. Should prices on fuel dramatically increase, having more flights and newer planes could be more of a burden than a benefit. With crude oil prices dropping over the past four years, and dramatic drops in the last year, it’s only natural to think prices will rise again at some point.

Shimco Attended Two Major Aerospace Events in February

2016 is already off to a busy start, and Shimco is keeping the momentum going by participating in two aerospace trade shows this month. As a leader in aerospace precision parts manufacturing, we’re proud to show off our capabilities and network with other major contributors to the industry.

The first show we attended was the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) conference in Seattle, WA from February 9 to 11th. This 3-day event brought together hundreds of aerospace executives to discuss key trends in the market and supply chain. There were numerous presentations to inform attendees about OEM forecasts and production rates, aerospace analytics, new technologies and processes in aerospace manufacturing, and big data in the supply chain, among others.

President Peter Voss speaking at 2016 Singapore Airshow

President Peter Voss speaking at 2016 Singapore Airshow

We also took an active role in the Singapore Airshow from February 16 to 21st. We had a presence in the Canadian Pavilion as part of the Ontario Showcase, and our president, Peter Voss, delivered a well-attended presentation at the show. On February 18th, he led a technology seminar on “Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) – The Coating of the Future,” to explain how this coating process results in long-lasting, lighter final products.

Capping off the month, we moved into our new Cambridge facility. Overall, this month continued a path of growth for the company, and continues to build off of our most recent milestones. We are excited to see where the rest of 2016 takes us.

See What You May Have Missed at Shimco

Lauded with the Markham Business Excellence Award in the category for Innovation as well as a string of Long Term Supply Agreements with major OEMs, Shimco is a one of its kind robust manufacturing success that is spearheading Canada’s presence in the global supply chain.

Learn about our latest achievements:

New Headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario

Thanks to exponential growth, we were in need of a more spacious facility to tackle our high volume of production. Our new premises are roughly 25,000 square feet with 30,000 more to be added to accommodate our growth arising from our new agreement with Keronite, to accommodate other surface treatments being added to our capabilities and for the establishment of a “Centre of Excellence” to support collaboration in new technology development, demonstration and commercialization activities. The facility will serve as our new headquarters with state of the art manufacturing that excels in the use of lean production methods and increased automation for elimination of waste and scraps.

Shimco also plans to collaborate with Ontario-based educational and research institutions on several advanced manufacturing projects, which adds to our culture of experimentation and will lead to additional manufacturing paradigms.

Memorandum of Understanding with Keronite:

Gap analysis and subsequent management with custom made parts is what has set Shimco apart from its peers and competitors. To further advance our competitive advantage, we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Keronite – the ultimate name in the field of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) surface technology for aluminum, magnesium and titanium.

Shimco holds the world-wide rights to the deployment of Keronite’s patented PEO technology for shims, spacers and washers to offer corrosion and fatigue protection that is unparalleled.

This should further cement Shimco’s position as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of precision parts that incorporate the most advanced materials and know-how in the world today.

Shimco’s yearly presentation at LABACE in Sao Paolo also focused on the many advantages of PEO, conveying to attendees what the unique collaboration brings for the aircraft industry.

Expanding Our Global Footprint:

The appointment of Monica Santos Souza as the Sales Representative of Shimco in South America heralds a period of global connectivity and expansion. Ms. Souza brings years of experience working for companies such as Atech Negócios (Embraer Group) and AGS Aerohoses, and will be responsible for business development, trade show management and attendance, lead generation and follow-up, obtaining RFQs, and supplier contract negotiations.

She is expected to play a pivotal role in securing ABAG (the Brazilian General Aviation Association) approval and South American business for the company.

Multi-Lingual Brochures:

Recently, we have opened up our company to more potential customers with the availability of multi-lingual brochures on our home page. Our product brochures are now available in five languages – English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. They are all available for download online.

Shimco Breaks Ground at New Headquarters

Shimco, a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap management solutions, announced today the inauguration of its new headquarters was held at their future 25,000 square foot facility site in Cambridge, Ontario. Relocation of Shimco’s current headquarters in Markham, Ontario to Cambridge is planned for December 2015.

Shimco Ground Breaking Ceremony

Benjamin Voss, Hannah Voss, Jennifer Voss (Shimco), Steven Fairweather (City of Cambridge), Mayor Doug Craig, Peter Voss (Shimco), James Goodram (City of Cambridge) and Brian Butcher (Cambridge Chamber of Commerce).

In attendance at the ground-breaking ceremony in the Boxwood business subdivision in north Cambridge was the Mayor of Cambridge, Doug Craig; Steven Fairweather, Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer, City of Cambridge; James Goodram, Director of Economic Development, City of Cambridge; Brian Butcher, VP of Operations and Communications, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce; Peter Voss, President, CEO and owner of Shimco; his wife Jennifer Voss, Director of Shimco and their two children, Benjamin and Hannah Voss.

The new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will incorporate increased automation, new manufacturing capabilities and the latest lean manufacturing principles. Shimco also plans to collaborate with local educational institutions, equipment manufacturers and its customers to create a ‘centre of excellence’ to commercialize leading edge manufacturing and processing technologies. An additional 15,000 square foot expansion is already in the planning stage to start construction in 2016, which will incorporate surface treatment and testing, allowing the company to offer end-to-end customized solutions to its international customer base.

During the relocation period, parallel manufacturing is planned for the current manufacturing site in Markham, Ontario and the new Cambridge location to ensure no interruption in deliveries to customers.

Voss comments: “It was an honour to be surrounded by representatives from the City of Cambridge, Cambridge’s Chamber of Commerce, but particularly my family, without whose never-ending support none of this would have been possible. As a resident of Cambridge, it is especially momentous to establish Shimco here, alongside other leading aerospace manufacturers, and to create new jobs in a community known for advanced manufacturing. The City of Cambridge has been extremely accommodating during this process and I thank them for their support. Our customers have given me very positive feedback on our move, and we are already seeing new opportunities with existing and new customers because of the significantly improved capabilities planned for the new facility. We look forward to the construction of the new building in the coming months and our move to Cambridge at the end of this year.”

A Look at Aerospace Manufacturing in Ontario

The aerospace manufacturing sector in Ontario brings in annual revenue of 5.3 billion dollars, which can largely be attributed to exports. In fact, 80% of that number accounts for satisfied global customers and buyers who rely on Ontario’s contributions to carry their supply chain from concept through to actual production.

Why Ontario?

The reasons are many and the Ontario Canada database does a great job of putting them in perspective.

Having an educated workforce that benefits from the presence of universities and programs that train students on cutting edge technologies like light weight composites and digital imaging helps. As does a competitive tax structure that helps keep manufacturing costs lower than any other G7 nation in the world.

The accelerators and incubators focused on the aviation industry foster a culture of inquisitiveness and excellence. The workforce is capable of custom creating parts to the most demanding specifications while concentrating on reducing greenhouse emissions and bringing down the fuel requirements per passenger.

Ontario is a hub of aggressive and collaborative research and development. From landing gear systems to satellite components to electronic systems and avionics, the 200 plus manufacturers serve and support all possible areas of the aviation industry with reliable, just in time products and services.

Ontario Manufacturers Making an Impact

The province boasts over 125 aerospace programs which help set Ontario apart as a leader in manufactured components. The sky is the limit and the coming decade will set the tone for the future of aerospace design.

Ranking high on the list of Ontario’s Top Aerospace Manufacturing Players, Shimco is known for our innovative solutions and proactive R&D projects.

With a track record of success, we excel at using high grade CNC machining and proprietary processes to add exceptional detail to our custom parts that are unrivalled in the industry.

We are proud to be considered a “high flyer” in Ontario, and continue to push ourselves toward further growth. To learn more about our company and how we fit into Ontario’s aerospace manufacturing landscape, feel free to visit us online.

Avdel Aerospace Now Representing Shimco in India

Paris Air Show 2015 Agreement

From left: Peter Voss and Jennifer Voss of Shimco, with Sameer Bulchandani and
Nandish Jingade from Avdel

Shimco, a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap management solutions, announced today the appointment of Avdel Aerospace as the exclusive representative in India for all Shimco parts and services. The agreement was signed in the Shimco stand (Ontario/Canadian Pavilion), at the 2015 Paris Air Show by Peter Voss, President, CEO and owner of Shimco; Jennifer Voss, Director of Shimco; Sameer Bulchandani, Managing Director of Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd.; and Nandish Jingade, General Manager (Aerospace) of Avdel.

Avdel Aerospace is a division of Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in 1961 and supplies fasteners, raw material and other hardware to aerospace and industrial customers. With warehouses and sales office locations around India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai Thiruvananthapuram and Kanpur, Avdel Aerospace has a strategic advantage of effectively covering the geography of the major aerospace pockets around India. Avdel’s aerospace division is the largest Indian hardware supplier/distributor to the aviation sector.

Nandish Jingade of Avdel Aerospace comments: “We were actively searching to represent a supplier of high-quality precision parts, and Shimco was at the top of the list. We initially met with Shimco last year at the Farnborough International Airshow, which was followed by an on-site visit by Peter Voss to our headquarters in Mumbai during Aero India in February. Shimco has built a successful business of metallic and non-metallic precision parts, with a specialty in gap management solutions for sub and final assemblies, and partners directly and indirectly with many of the world’s largest Tier 1 and OEM aerospace companies including Airbus, Asco, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, UTAS, RTI Claro, Sonaca, SPP, MHI and Wesco Aerospace. Avdel Aerospace is honoured to be their exclusive representative in India and we look forward to building their future success in the Indian market.”

“I met with other potential distributors and representatives in India, but found Avdel Aerospace to have the most breadth in terms of customer base, knowledge and experience,” comments Peter Voss of Shimco. “Their approach to business is with honesty and integrity, which is in line with Shimco’s core values. Avdel Aerospace represents several well-known leading international hardware and raw material manufacturers and is equipped with a solid team of sales engineers and supporting staff. With Avdel Aerospace on board, Shimco is set for considerable growth in India.”

About Shimco
For over 25 years, Shimco has served the aerospace, defense, space, industrial and other sectors worldwide. Shimco is a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap management solutions (such as laminated and edge-bonded shims, tapers and spacers), in materials ranging from aluminum and titanium through to synthetics and composites.

Shimco offers a tradition of innovationprecision and execution, providing solutions that conform to exacting international and customer-specific standards. Shimco is registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program and is an ISO9001:2008 & AS9100C registered company. Their commitment to quality, on-time delivery, lean manufacturing, customer support, the environment and financial strength is unparalleled. Canadian Headquarters are located in Markham, Ontario.

We are dedicated to be a preferred strategic partner to global aerospace, space and defence OEMs and Tier 1 system integrators, suppliers and MRO organizations, providing value and service on everything that flies.

New Materials Revolutionizing the Aerospace Sector

The development of new materials isn’t anything new in aviation. Early airplanes were cloth and wood, but over the years metals and other more advanced materials like carbon fiber have become commonplace. Manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Embraer, along with organizations such as NASA, DARPA, and the Pentagon, are all investigating new materials for aircraft manufacturing.

New composite materials do bring certain challenges with them, particularly when it comes to building something as large as an airplane. One reason they have become so popular in the automotive process is because an assembly line for vehicles doesn’t need large parts, they just need parts quickly. Building an airplane doesn’t demand a rapid build but it does require parts that are enormous. These pieces currently require a lot of energy, and large ovens for manufacturing.

A new process being developed by engineers at MIT goes quite a ways towards addressing this problem. Using a carbon nanotube film, connected to a power source, the film can stimulate a composite to solidify. Currently, to build large aviation parts with composites, a major capital investment in the form of a large oven is necessary. This method would reduce the cost of composite parts.

Another challenge is the necessary material property requirements for aerospace. The automotive industry, where composite use is high, does not have the same strength, stiffness, or damage tolerance requirements as an airplane. Low-cost, continuous fibers are not useful for the contours needed, while short-fiber composites do not provide the mechanical properties although they can be molded as needed.

DARPA is looking into methods to control short-fiber orientation, while also developing processes to allow multiple parts to be made on a single machine. This would increase the mechanical properties of the composites, while reducing the capital equipment costs and labor needed to process parts.

Another hope is that composite materials can be developed to be more reliable than current materials, which would increase safety and reliability – two highly valued qualities when it comes to airframes. This could increase the longevity of airframes, reducing costs to customers.

At Shimco, we are constantly looking for new ways to contribute to advances in aerospace technology. At the recently concluded Paris Airshow, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Keronite, an advanced surface solutions company, to develop a new coating process for shims. This is a unique, patented process that “fuses” a coating onto the surface of metals. The method essentially takes the surface of an alloy and creates a hard ceramic coating to improve strength, durability, chemical stability, and overall performance. We’ll be applying it to titanium and aluminum shims using Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO). This is a cutting edge, green technology and the electrolyte used can be poured down the drain with no adverse environmental impact. We look forward to working with Keronite on this exciting solution.

To learn more about new aerospace technologies and our agreement with Keronite, please contact Shimco via email at or by calling 1 (905) 471-6050.

New Building and Location for Shimco Headquarters Announced

Shimco, a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap-management solutions, announced today the upcoming move of Shimco’s headquarters to a brand new building in Cambridge, Ontario. Ground breaking for the new site will take place in July 2015 with the relocation planned for December 2015.

The new 25,000 square foot facility in Cambridge will house the new headquarters of Shimco as well as a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, incorporating increased automation and the latest lean manufacturing principles. The manufacturing facility will see the addition of new machines with increased capabilities, robotics and RFID inventory tracking, allowing for a faster turn-around time for its customers’ orders. Further, in-line with the company’s vision of being at the leading edge of advanced manufacturing processes, it plans to collaborate with local educational institutions to create a ‘centre of excellence’ to commercialize leading edge manufacturing technologies. An additional 15,000 square foot expansion is also planned to incorporate surface treatment and testing, allowing the company to offer an end-to-end solution to its international customer base.

Cambridge is a well-known, diverse community with a history of success in the manufacturing sector. Many national and international brands have head offices or local manufacturing facilities in Cambridge such as ATS, Com Dev, Heroux Devtek, Magellan Aerospace, PCC Centra, Raytheon and Toyota, some of which are located near the planned new Shimco site.

During the relocation period, parallel manufacturing is planned for the current manufacturing site in Markham, Ontario and the new Cambridge location to ensure no interruption in deliveries to customers.

Peter Voss, President, CEO and owner of Shimco comments: “Shimco has a long and successful history from operations in our current location in Markham. The City of Markham has been very supportive of Shimco, including the local business association awarding us with a Business Excellence Award in Innovation last year. However, as a result of exponential growth stemming from our partnerships with many of the world’s largest Tier 1 and OEM aerospace companies, it was time for Shimco to relocate into a larger and more modern manufacturing facility. After researching multiple options, the site in Cambridge provided us with the right combination of building a cost-effective new facility within a dynamic and strategically located community known for advanced manufacturing. Our new facility will accommodate Shimco’s accelerated growth as well as our future expansion plans.”

New Manufacturing Facility

Planned site for Shimco’s new headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario