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Avdel Aerospace Now Representing Shimco in India

Paris Air Show 2015 Agreement

From left: Peter Voss and Jennifer Voss of Shimco, with Sameer Bulchandani and
Nandish Jingade from Avdel

Shimco, a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap management solutions, announced today the appointment of Avdel Aerospace as the exclusive representative in India for all Shimco parts and services. The agreement was signed in the Shimco stand (Ontario/Canadian Pavilion), at the 2015 Paris Air Show by Peter Voss, President, CEO and owner of Shimco; Jennifer Voss, Director of Shimco; Sameer Bulchandani, Managing Director of Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd.; and Nandish Jingade, General Manager (Aerospace) of Avdel.

Avdel Aerospace is a division of Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in 1961 and supplies fasteners, raw material and other hardware to aerospace and industrial customers. With warehouses and sales office locations around India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai Thiruvananthapuram and Kanpur, Avdel Aerospace has a strategic advantage of effectively covering the geography of the major aerospace pockets around India. Avdel’s aerospace division is the largest Indian hardware supplier/distributor to the aviation sector.

Nandish Jingade of Avdel Aerospace comments: “We were actively searching to represent a supplier of high-quality precision parts, and Shimco was at the top of the list. We initially met with Shimco last year at the Farnborough International Airshow, which was followed by an on-site visit by Peter Voss to our headquarters in Mumbai during Aero India in February. Shimco has built a successful business of metallic and non-metallic precision parts, with a specialty in gap management solutions for sub and final assemblies, and partners directly and indirectly with many of the world’s largest Tier 1 and OEM aerospace companies including Airbus, Asco, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, UTAS, RTI Claro, Sonaca, SPP, MHI and Wesco Aerospace. Avdel Aerospace is honoured to be their exclusive representative in India and we look forward to building their future success in the Indian market.”

“I met with other potential distributors and representatives in India, but found Avdel Aerospace to have the most breadth in terms of customer base, knowledge and experience,” comments Peter Voss of Shimco. “Their approach to business is with honesty and integrity, which is in line with Shimco’s core values. Avdel Aerospace represents several well-known leading international hardware and raw material manufacturers and is equipped with a solid team of sales engineers and supporting staff. With Avdel Aerospace on board, Shimco is set for considerable growth in India.”

About Shimco
For over 25 years, Shimco has served the aerospace, defense, space, industrial and other sectors worldwide. Shimco is a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts and gap management solutions (such as laminated and edge-bonded shims, tapers and spacers), in materials ranging from aluminum and titanium through to synthetics and composites.

Shimco offers a tradition of innovationprecision and execution, providing solutions that conform to exacting international and customer-specific standards. Shimco is registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program and is an ISO9001:2008 & AS9100C registered company. Their commitment to quality, on-time delivery, lean manufacturing, customer support, the environment and financial strength is unparalleled. Canadian Headquarters are located in Markham, Ontario.

We are dedicated to be a preferred strategic partner to global aerospace, space and defence OEMs and Tier 1 system integrators, suppliers and MRO organizations, providing value and service on everything that flies.

A Review of What’s New in Space

Robots in Space

Shimco Supplied Parts for the Canadarm 303 Robotic Arm

It’s hard to browse the news headlines lately without some mention of upcoming missions to space. In particular, the Mars One Mission has been getting a lot of press attention. The idea is to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Beginning in 2026, crews of four are expected to depart every two years to Mars, following the first unmanned mission to the planet, which is to be launched in 2020. In the years to come, a demonstration mission, communication satellites, two rovers and several cargo missions are to be sent to Mars, which will aid in building a sustainable living environment for the astronauts who will eventually settle there. The mission represents a massive leap forward in our understanding of space, though there is still much to learn and accomplish before such an operation can safely take place.

Fortunately, many organizations are continuing to make strides in the study of astronautics. NASA is perhaps the most well-known, and for good reason. For decades, NASA has been at the forefront of space exploration and discovery. Shimco has supplied various products to NASA over the years, including custom washers that were used in the Canadarm 303 robotic arm, which traveled aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. Currently, it is on display at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters.

More recently, Shimco has been in talks with SpaceX to supply parts for their projects. SpaceX is another major contender in the aerospace sector. As the world’s fastest-growing provider of launching services, this company is certainly one to watch. Currently, the Dragon Spacecraft from SpaceX is providing regular cargo resupply services for NASA missions.

We look forward to seeing where each of these organizations will take us over the next few years and decades, and are proud to assist them in reaching their goals by providing them with precision manufactured parts. For a full review of our services and capabilities, please reach out to Shimco online or by calling +1 (905) 471-6050.