Edgebond Shims

Edgebond Shims

Sample Customer Order

Custom Manufacturing of Aluminum Shim for the Aerospace Industry

Used within an engine mount application in the aerospace industry, this custom shim was machined from aluminum and consists of 63 layers edgebond glued to form a thickness measuring only .187". Edgebonding offers the flexibility for peeling layers to suit specific tolerances, and each peeled layer can be re-used used as a single shim. For this part, each of the 63 layers measured slightly less than .003" thick.

Our skilled machinists milled the layers from a customer supplied drawing, and after the gluing process inspected the finished parts to ensure they were within the ±.006" tolerance required by the customer. The overall dimensions of the part were 2.30" x 1.01", and each weighed only .059 lb.

Each shim in this 610 piece order was stamped with the part number, bagged, tagged, and delivered to our customer in Ft. Worth, Texas. To learn more about this project or for complete

Product Description This custom aluminum shim is used within an engine mount application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
CNC Machining
  • Mill Part as Per Drawing

Gluing: Edgebond Glue 63 Layers to form a Thickness of .187"
  • Stamp w/ Part Number
Packaging Bag and Tag
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 2.30"
Width: 1.10"
Thickness: 0.187"
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.006"
Material Used 1100 Aluminum
Testing/inspection performed In Process Inspection
Estimated Part Weight 0.059lb
Industry for Use Aerospace
Production Volume 610
Delivery Location Fort Worth, Texas
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name NC Machined Laminated Aluminum Shim
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