Non-Destructive Testing

A special process is a quality assurance term which refers to any process where the results of the process cannot be easily verified after completion of the process. Examples of special processes are: Non-Destructive Testing; Materials Testing; Heat Treatment; Coatings. The results of a special process are highly dependent on the control of the process and/or the skill of the operator. All parts that go through Shimco’s chemical processes, such as anodizing, chemical conversion, passivation, priming and/or painting, will need to go through one or more non-destructive tests (NDT), to ensure the part and it’s coating meet or surpass required specifications. NDT can be as simple as visual inspections but can be as complex as magnetic particle or liquid penetrant inspection. Shimco will add to its capabilities for NDT over time, but also has local partners that can perform almost any required NDT if we do not have the capability yet on-site.