Test Panels

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Shimco supplies Test Panels to many aerospace and non-aerospace companies for their chemical process testing requirements (calibration testing, solution testing, corrosion testing, etc.)

Some common Test Panel material specifications are as follows, cut to almost any size you need:


2024T3 Bare or Al Clad (QQ-A-250/4 or QQ-A-250/5)
6061T6 Bare QQ-A-250/11
7075T6 Bare or Al Clad (QQ-A-250/12 or QQ-A-250/13)


302/304 Annealed AMS 5513/5516
15-5 PH AMS 5862
17-7 PH AMS 5528


6AL 4V MIL-T-9046


260-1/2 Hard

Shimco also supplies flexible 1100-0 aluminum wires for your processing needs, in diameters of 0.032”, 0.040”, 0.0625” and 0.125”, in 50 lb. or 100 lb. spools.

Test Panels

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