Lauded with the Markham Business Excellence Award in the category for Innovation as well as a string of Long Term Supply Agreements with major OEMs, Shimco is a one of its kind robust manufacturing success that is spearheading Canada’s presence in the global supply chain.

Learn about our latest achievements:

New Headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario

Thanks to exponential growth, we were in need of a more spacious facility to tackle our high volume of production. Our new premises are roughly 25,000 square feet with 30,000 more to be added to accommodate our growth arising from our new agreement with Keronite, to accommodate other surface treatments being added to our capabilities and for the establishment of a “Centre of Excellence” to support collaboration in new technology development, demonstration and commercialization activities. The facility will serve as our new headquarters with state of the art manufacturing that excels in the use of lean production methods and increased automation for elimination of waste and scraps.

Shimco also plans to collaborate with Ontario-based educational and research institutions on several advanced manufacturing projects, which adds to our culture of experimentation and will lead to additional manufacturing paradigms.

Memorandum of Understanding with Keronite:

Gap analysis and subsequent management with custom made parts is what has set Shimco apart from its peers and competitors. To further advance our competitive advantage, we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Keronite – the ultimate name in the field of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) surface technology for aluminum, magnesium and titanium.

Shimco holds the world-wide rights to the deployment of Keronite’s patented PEO technology for shims, spacers and washers to offer corrosion and fatigue protection that is unparalleled.

This should further cement Shimco’s position as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of precision parts that incorporate the most advanced materials and know-how in the world today.

Shimco’s yearly presentation at LABACE in Sao Paolo also focused on the many advantages of PEO, conveying to attendees what the unique collaboration brings for the aircraft industry.

Expanding Our Global Footprint:

The appointment of Monica Santos Souza as the Sales Representative of Shimco in South America heralds a period of global connectivity and expansion. Ms. Souza brings years of experience working for companies such as Atech Negócios (Embraer Group) and AGS Aerohoses, and will be responsible for business development, trade show management and attendance, lead generation and follow-up, obtaining RFQs, and supplier contract negotiations.

She is expected to play a pivotal role in securing ABAG (the Brazilian General Aviation Association) approval and South American business for the company.

Multi-Lingual Brochures:

Recently, we have opened up our company to more potential customers with the availability of multi-lingual brochures on our home page. Our product brochures are now available in five languages – English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. They are all available for download online.