Shimco Nominated for Business Excellence Awards

Shimco recently hosted an on-site visit from the Mayor of Markham andsubsequently received nominations for the Markham Board of Trade’s 2014 Business Excellence Awards.

MARKHAM, Ontario (April 11,2014)-Shimco,a leader in manufacturing precision parts. laminated and edge-bond shims. tapers and spacers,announced today the receipt of two separate nominations forthe Markham Boardof Trade’s 2014 Business Excellence Awards.The nominations were received after an on-site visit from Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti,Economic Development Director Stephen Chait and Senior Business Development Officer Huyen Hare.

The purpose of Mayor Scarpitti’s visit to Shimco was to learn more about the company’s long history and capabilities, as a local manufacturing company in the City of Markham.After a formal company presentation provided by Peter Voss, President of Shimco,Mayor Scarpitti and Economic and Business Development staff received a tourof the Shimco manufacturing facility.

Following the visit, Mayor Scarpitti and his team were so impressed with the performance and success of Shimco over the past few years that the City’s Economic Development Department nominated Shimco for the prestigious Markham Board of Trade’s 2014 Business Excellence Awards in two categories:Innovation, which recognizes a successful business that fosters a culture of i nnovation i n technology, manufacturing or marketing, and Global Business
Excellence, for achieving successfulbusiness growth in markets outside of Canada.

Mayor Scarpitti commented, “it was a pleasure to meet the Shimco team and learn more about their successful operations in Markham. The company is a key player in the globalaerospace industry, being a strategic and aitical supplier to Bombardier Aerospace,Bell Helicopter and other leading aerospace companies all over the world.It is an honour to have Shimco as part of the Markhambusiness community,and we look forward to strengthening the City’s relationship with them.”

“Iam very proud of the many employees that have worked together to make Shimco the world­ leader that it is today.We have expended considerable energy and resources on growing the company around the wortd in the last few years and it’s beena successfuleffort.But it’s a team approach in ensuring that we get our orders completed on-time and at the extremely high levels of quality that our customers have come to expect from Shimco. Showcasing Shimco and the many dedicated employees to Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti and Economic Development staff was my privilege,” states Peter Voss, President of Shimco. “We are very proud to now have received nominations in two categories for the Markham Board of Trade’s 2014 Business Excellence Awards, recognizing our success.”

About Shimco
For over 25 years, Shimco has served the aerospace, defense,space,industrialand other sectors worldwide.Shimco is a leader in manufacturing precision parts, laminated and edge-bond shims, tapers and spacers in materials ranging from aluminum and titanium through to synthetics and composites.

Shimco offers a tradition of innovation,precision and execution, providing solutions that conform to exacting internationaland customer-specific standards. Shimco is an IS09001:2008 & AS9100C registered company and their commitment to quality,on-time delivery, lean manufacturing and financialstrength is unparalleled.canadian Headquarters are located in Markham,Ontario.


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