Trillium features the Shimco story

As a proud Ontario manufacturer, we’re pleased to support organizations such as the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing that fosters growth for our province.

Trillium connects, convenes and collaborates with like-minded individuals and organizations, and recently reached out to Peter Voss, Shimco’s President, Chief Executive Officer, for a feature on their manufacturing profile page.

Here are a few Shimco highlights mentioned in the profile:

  • Due to its well-organized and automated work processes, Shimco can meet demand with only a single eight-hour shift daily
  • Although only one shift is needed at present, there are plans to build a second facility of equal size at the back of the Cambridge property in 2021
  • Through collaboration with local educational facilities, such as the University of Waterloo, Shimco created a “Centre of Excellence” in advanced manufacturing technology
  • Shimco is continuously developing new patented technology that is attracting the attention of the largest OEMs in the industry

From the company culture to manufacturing processes, Shimco sets the standard for innovative OEMs of the 21st century to follow.

For more Shimco #DYK, read the full story featured by Trillium here.